Nelson and Miriam first met in 1994 on an excursion to Action Park to do what else but BUNGEE JUMP! Who knew that the 70+ feet plunge we took that day would be the start of a long and happy relationship? Sounds corny, but it’s true! At that point we never really looked back and just continued to move forward with our lives together. We’ve been truly blessed by God to have found each other. We’ve been fortunate to have a life filled with much happiness, love, and adventure!

Our endeavors have included everything from pursuing a higher education….to gutting and remodeling a house… traveling the world! Throughout the years we have created many happy, exciting, and beautiful memories and we plan to continue this tradition especially since the DaCunha Family continues to grow. We would like to share these memories with our friends and family who mean so very much to us. It’s difficult sometimes because many of you are so far from us, but we hope that through this website we can stay connected and you can be part of our laughter, smiles, and happiness.

We welcome you to the ..............
DaCunha Family